Are You a Positive Programmer?

As we enter into what is known as the “Back to School” season……why not make yourself a student once again! Majoring in Positive Programming!

Why not take a few moments to evaluate what you are programming into your mind on a daily basis! Get out a fresh new notebook and pen and write down what you take in every day -TV, Music, Books, People- and then rate it……Positive Programming or Negative Programming!

What qualifies as POSITIVE Programming? That which feeds your dreams, goals & the lifestyle you wish to create for you & your family.

What qualifies as NEGATIVE Programming? Anything that detracts from the above or serves no purpose at all…..but takes up precious time you could be spending investing in yourself & your dreams!

Make it a point to REDUCE the negative & INCREASE the positive!

The next step would be to list the POSITIVE things you can begin to add in as you eliminate the NEGATIVE things!

Ideas would include:

• Listening to a positive message every day
• Spending time in prayer every day
• Reading positive books that will propel you toward your dreams
• Reducing the amount of time you spend watching TV and especially the news
• Spending time with people who are positive & proactive about creating the life they dream of
• Reducing the time you spend with/listening to negative people
• Taking time to plan for your life & dreams
• Speaking positive affirmations about yourself & your dreams
• Take time every day to review your dreams & to envision them happening

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!



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