Disappointment is Inevitable

Disappointment is part of LIFE!

That is no news flash, I know, but sometimes I think we forget that disappointments happen to everyone….and I mean EVERYONE! If you are LIVING your life DISAPPOINTMENTS are inevitable!

What you DO with disappointments is what really matters!

There are some people who let every disappointment discourage them to the point of total defeat….and they GIVE UP on their dreams!

There are some who let disappointments slow them down & cause them to second guess their ideas & decisions…preventing them from fully pursuing their dreams!

Then there are those who, in spite of the disappointments, push through, deal with whatever needs to be dealt with and move forward EXPECTING better things ahead, as they passionately PURSUE their dreams!

What it really comes down to is what YOU CHOOSE to do when you encounter disappointments. It really is YOUR CHOICE to decide how disappointments will affect you.

What you do, not just after a disappointment happens but BEFORE it happens, is key! BEFORE disappointment ever shows up, the way to defeat it is by preparing yourself!

What you FEED your mind….positive or negative….who you SURROUND yourself with……people who build you up or tear you down….and the WORDS you consistently speak about yourself & your situation are your keys to SUCCESS when facing disappointments…….or failure, if they are the wrong choices.

TODAY…..take a few minutes to give yourself a “Disappointment Checkup”

What is a recent disappointment you’ve encountered?

What did you do about it?

How did it affect you?

What adjustments/preparations can you make in order to be able to passionately pursue your dreams after a disappointment?

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


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