Fashionable Friday with Fifi Flowers FABulous Creations….

It’s Fashionable Friday…and what could be more fashionable than the FABulous paintings of our FABulous and ever so stylish hostess…Fifi Flowers

I decided to post some of my very favorite paintings done by my friend Fifi…in no particular order…
This room I just LOVE…the fireplace, the pink settee, the bistro table and the purple ottoman on the zebra rug…how fashionable is that?! And did you see the leopard pillow and the pink chest?!
Now this painting is extra special to me since this is the FABulous PINK velvet french chair that belongs to moi…that Fifi painted and I purchased!

Who couldn’t get excited about driving to the countryside in this fashionable turquoise automobile and setting up a FABulous picnic for two? Flowers, wine and all!

OK! now this is TOTALLY fashionable…I LOVE this PINK chest…if I could have this in my home I would!

Is this not the most fashionable room to rest your tutu in?!

Yet another perfectly PINK fashionable seat…I’ll take two of these please!

Ooooohh…and aren’t PINK tulips always FASHIONABLE?! In my house they are!

Zebra rug, curvy turquoise sofa, sleek tangerine chairs…Fashionable with a capital “F”!

….then there’s the painting from a photo of a tablescape on my deck I posted that Fifi painted as a “thank you” for the interview I did with her in my newsletter (you can read it here)…it is ALWAYS fashionable to be generous with your “thank you” gifts!

This FASHIONABLE painting I purchased for my daughter for her 30th birthday for her new art room she’s creating for herself…she LOVED it! I matted it and framed it in a sleek black frame!

And last but certainly not least…these lovely assorted notecards…I won these from a drawing Fifi did…these notecards were my first pieces from Fifi…I was hooked as soon as I received them!

For more FABulously FASHIONABLE posts stop by FIFI’s!

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