Forget Perfection, Aim for This Instead!

Have you ever felt the pressure of feeling that you had to accomplish something “perfectly”?

Are YOU a “perfectionist”, expecting everything to be done “perfectly”? Putting that pressure not only on yourself but on everyone around you?!

I am very familiar with “perfectionitis”……I practiced it for years! While I won’t get into the details of where it started, I will say that it is usually something that is planted in us as children, many times by adults who are well meaning but who put pressure on us to “do our best” and to “live up to their expectations”, etc.

What I know about practicing perfectionism is that it caused a lot of stress….on me and on those that I imposed my “perfectionitis” on! The other thing I know is that you can STOP PRACTICING PERFECTIONISM!

Yes! It is possible……it takes some time and you must be very intentional about it….but once you understand the difference between PERFECTION &

EXCELLENCE, it’s a lot easier!

Let’s look at the difference:

Perfection: the condition, state, or quality of being free from all flaws or defects.

PERFECTION is not attainable……NO THING, NO ONE is PERFECT!!! PERIOD!!!! Except God, of course!

Excellence: The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

Now EXCELLENCE, that’s something entirely different…..and so much better than perfection because EXCELLENCE is attainable….and not only is it attainable…..EXCELLENCE can always be improved upon!

Once you reach a level of excellence, you can improve to another level of excellence, and another and another!

Isn’t that GREAT NEWS?!! I thought so when I discovered it! I’ll be honest with you….Perfectionism can be a pesky & stubborn habit that doesn’t let go easily, but if you keep at it and remind yourself daily to pursue EXCELLENCE not PERFECTION, over time you will leave your “perfectionitis” behind and enter into EXCELLENCE!

Is it time for you to forget Perfectionism and instead pursue Excellence?!!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!



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