Holiday Survival: 5 Stress-LESS Holiday Survival Tips

You & I both know that nothing steals the joy from the Holiday Season like STRESS! What should be a most joyous, happy & enjoyable time of the year can easily turn into the most dreaded time of the year.

To be honest, many times we put this stress on ourselves OR we allow others to put it on us! We try to “measure up” to some unrealistic picture we have in our minds or that we see displayed all over the place….TV, Movies, Magazines, Online……. Blissful images of what the holidays “should” look like are plentiful! While it is perfectly fine to use these images as inspirations to create your own version of a beautiful holiday season….you must do just what fits you….what works best for your family.

While you are creating your version of a beautiful holiday, it is SO IMPORTANT to remember to take care of YOU! Just a few simple things implemented on a regular basis will help to alleviate the stress that can so easily sneak into your holiday celebrations!

Soooo….your assignment for the next few weeks and beyond is to take good care of YOU!

Make this your BEST Holiday Season ever!

Kathleen Ellis

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