Holiday Survival: My Favorite Way to Entertain

With the Holiday Season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning & preparing for the entertaining you will be doing.

Remember…..the BEST way to prevent stress & overwhelm is to……


I know I’ve said this before..….but there is a very good reason WHY! The reason is because it WORKS!!! Over the years one lesson I’ve learned is that planning, preparing and having a plan B, C & D really does reduce stress & overwhelm, whether it is applied to the holiday season or any other area of your life…..those 3 things combined ALWAYS work!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?! Well, that’s because it is…but don’t confuse SIMPLE with EASY! The “hard” part, if you will, is disciplining yourself to do the steps….every time, all the time…until it becomes a HABIT!

Now on to the Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival feature for today!


One of my favorite ways to entertain is to set up a buffet! Creating a buffet for your guests is an Easy & Elegant way to entertain, especially during the Holiday Season.

3 Reasons Why I’d Rather Set up a Buffet than a sit down dinner….

1)  You don’t have to limit your guests to the amount of seating you have at the table…guests can sit almost anywhere…IF you use sturdy plates or trays!

2) You actually don’t have to serve a full dinner. An appetizer buffet, dessert buffet or light fare buffet are excellent alternatives to full scale dinner and you can offer a nice variety to satisfy everyone’s palate!

3) Your guests can serve themselves, which frees you up to enjoy your guests!

As a BONUS for you…..

Here are some of my Buffet Secrets from page 63 of The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit ………. and a link from the archives to a video I did a few years ago that show you a quick & easy way to set up YOUR Beautiful Buffet!

Remember to Keep It Simple and use what you have……and most of all ENJOY the process!

Make this your BEST Holiday Season ever!


Kathleen Ellis 

Kathleen Ellis

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