Inner Beauty Workings ~ Facets of Graciousness…part two….

~ Kindness~ the first facet of graciousness


“Kind words are the music of the world. They have a power which seems to be beyond natural causes, as though they were some angel’s song which had lost its way and come to earth.” ~Frederick William Faber

Words are very powerful! Proverbs tells us that “life and death are in the power of our words”! WOW! That’s pretty powerful!
It took me a long time to realize how powerful my words are, for positive or negative, and I’m still working on them! I’m sure you can remember words that were spoken to you, perhaps years ago, perhaps yesterday, that were powerful….either in a positive or negative way. Unfortunately, we tend to remember the negative, harsh words far more vividly than the positive words spoken with kindness and love. There is a lesson in that for us all…..remember how it feels to receive words of harsh negativity, how devastating and hurtful that can be and then remember how it feels to receive positive words spoken with kindness, how loved and appreciated they make you feel. I’m sure you, like me, much prefer the latter!
How much then do our loved ones, our neighbors, our friends, our coworkers and even the stranger on the street desire to have us speak positive words with kindness and love into their lives?
Speaking positive words with kindness and love is not a difficult thing to do. I believe it requires a conscious effort to do so, an awareness and intention to speak kindly to all. I believe that many times we are simply not aware of the words we are speaking and the tone in which we are speaking them.
By paying attention to what we are sending out into the lives of those around us, through our words, we can significantly alter the mood and tone of the situations we find ourselves in and change the outcome of many.
The kind words you speak to others today may be the only kind words they hear all day…maybe even all week!

Today I will speak beautiful kind words…how about you?

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