Making a Big Deal about the Little Things…

Make a Big Deal About the “Little Things”

Making a big deal about the “little things” can make your life richer and more fulfilling. We’ve all heard the phrase
“Don’t sweat the small stuff” and I wholeheartedly agree. We must not let life’s little daily annoyances and irritations cause us to “lose our cool” or bring us to a place of tension and stress.

On the flip-side, it is easy to overlook the right “little things” or “small stuff” unless we intentionally decide to
Make a Big Deal About It!
 Making a big deal about the right “little things” will help to alleviate tension and stress and will bring us to a place of peace and gratitude.

Some of the “little things” we can make a big deal about everyday are….the sunrise, the sunset, the smell of fresh laundry, the giggle of your little ones, a loving glance from your sweetie, the smell of his cologne, the hot water for your shower, the softness of your favorite sweater, the taste of your tea (or coffee), the fact that you got out of bed today, that you can hear, see, smell, taste, laugh, cry.

You can make a big deal about just about anything…anything positive that is!

Make a BIG DEAL and Be Thankful!

5 Ways You Can Make a Big Deal About the “Little Things” in Your Life

1) Sunrise Celebration – Find the spot in your home where you can see the sunrise. The night before set the “table” in that spot for breakfast, be sure to include candles, pretty napkins, flowers and stemmed glasses for juice. You may want to prepare your breakfast the night before and just heat it up or keep it simple with peanut butter and jelly on toast and juice.

As the sun rises…Make a Big Deal About It!

**you can do the same for the sunset, serving cheese & crackers and sparkling water

2) Love Notes – Let your children and spouse know they are a Big Deal by leaving little uplifting love notes around for them. Some great places to “hide” them…under their pillows, bathroom mirror, underwear drawer, shirt or pants pocket, in a lunch bag, inside a book they’re reading, in the cereal box….let your imagination take over!

3) Soothing Scents – Keep an assortment of scented soaps on hand and place them at each sink. Make a Big Deal about the beauty of that scent and your sense of smell each time you wash your hands.


4) Fresh Flowers – Place a container of fresh flowers…or even a single stem…at your kitchen sink. Make a Big Deal about the beauty and detail of those flowers and your ability to see them each time you clean up the dishes.

5) Big Deal Day – Select one day a week to make a Big Deal about a family member. Put each person’s name in a basket and draw a name each week so each member will experience their own “Big Deal Day”. Have other family members write down 3 things they appreciate about that person and read them during dinner (their favorite meal, of course). Be sure to call attention to the special gifts and talents of that person.

Use your imagination to create more ways you can
Make a Big Deal About the “Little Things”
and Be Thankful!

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