Surrounding Beauty: Easy & Elegant Spring Mantel….

I have a “Seasonal DecoratingPhilosophy”….I don’t decorate so much for particular holidays as I do for each season. Decorating seasonally allows me to “freshen up” 3 or 4 times a year without being dictated to by the “expiration dates” that come from decorating for each holiday.

So…although I have many bunnies out right now…they aren’t necessarily “Easter Bunnies”…they are spring/summer bunnies. They can stay around all summer long if I feel so inclined…or, if I feel the need to “freshen up” sooner, I can…but I don’t need to be concerned about putting them all away as soon as Easter is over!
(I call this Easy Elegance)

Another philosophy I have is….”Decorate in Layers”….do one layer…live with it a few hours or days, then add another, live with it and if you’re so inclined add another layer or two! Layers add interest and how many layers you do is a personal thing…what feels right to me may not feel right to you. Do what looks good to your eye but keep the options open, experiment and allow yourself the freedom to “tweak”  along the way!

I’ve done just that with my mantel this spring.

Layer one….

Layer two….

                                                                                               Layer three…..


Now if I just had a piece of pretty white lace to drape on there…….
What are you using to embellish your home for SPRING?

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