March Makeovers…..simply marvelous!

Many times it only takes a few changes to make a big impact in a room.

Paint and custom window treatments are two of those changes that pack a lot of bang for your buck!

Earlier this week new window treatments were installed in one of my clients homes and you can see what a big difference they made. In the dining room, the painting had been done a few years back. It is a faux finish tone on tone stripe. The only addition at this time were the new window treatments that frame the windows adding warmth and color to a fairly neutral room. The white blinds are functional for privacy and light control so these treatments are purely for aesthetic enjoyment and the fact that the fabric is a very similar green to the living room walls helps to unite that room with the living room. In a dining room, typically there are not many, if any, upholstered pieces to add warmth and absorb sound, important factors to consider in a room where china and flatware are used regularly. Adding fabric to the windows helps to achieve this very nicely. There are other layers in the works to add a bit more warmth and color to this beautiful room.

In the living room, you see that the walls have been painted an earthy green, a perfect backdrop for the tan upholstery (a huge improvement over the original white walls) and the rich woods of the piano and tables. The fabric chosen for the window treatments incorporates many colors that flow throughout the first floor helping to unify this room with the others. The classic lines of these drapery panels are timeless and will not go out of style. The custom faux finished drapery hardware subtly adds another dimension of interest to the room.

The other element in the living room that had a makeover of sorts is the fun pottery piece. My floral designer added some unique organic stems to this artsy container. The airy design in varying shades of green is the perfect complement to the container and the room.

In a few weeks the rest of the pieces will be in to complete this room and I will post them here so you can see the marvelous transformation in it’s entirety.

Is there a room in your home that could use a facelift with a fresh color of paint and some stylish window treatments?

Why not take a trip to the paint store and bring home some swatches of fresh greens and soft buttery yellows to consider. Before you finalize your selection, decide on the fabric for your windows, then use the colors in the fabric to make your final paint selection. You will then be on your way to a “Marvelous March Makeover”!

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