Embellish, Embellish, Embellish!

Todays segment on WHP-TV 21 was all about embellishing rather plain items and turning them into “Boutique Chic”.
My friends are always commenting that I can find more ways to change the look of an ordinary item than anyone else they know. It’s a blessing (and a curse)…My mind just sees something and then whirls away thinking of all the possible transformations that can be accomplished with that particular item. I can’t help it…as far back as I can remember my mind has worked that way! I must admit it does come in handy…I can take the most ordinary element and elevate it to a whole new level whether it is a photo album a lampshade or an entire room.

Today we focused mostly on photo albums and picture frames. I found three rather plain brown fabric covered photo albums at a discount store for less than $5 each. I then searched through scraps of ribbon and floral pieces that I had, gathered some random buttons, a few pieces of broken jewelry, and a few ornaments. I made a quick trip to the craft store to pick up a few specific snippets of ribbon and a couple of scrap booking embellishments. I then laid everything out and came up with more than a dozen ways to embellish the albums and a few frames I had in a drawer. With a glue gun and a little imagination there were limitless possibilities for these plain brown albums….a baby album embellished with blue and white polka dot ribbon and little pacifier favors, a sweet sixteen album embellished with bright pink and orange polka dot ribbon and a hot pink gerbera daisy. A more elegant look for a bridal shower album was accomplished with some leftover lace, bead trim and an organza flower cluster from the bridal section of the craft store. A whimsical beaded butterfly ornament inspired a fanciful album for a special birthday.

This project is so easy there is no reason not to give it a try! Having some basic elements on hand to create personalized gifts like these can save you time and money. These albums were each done for less than $10, some for less than $8, and would easily sell for two to three times that amount in an upscale boutique or stationery store.

Whenever we take a few moments to personalize a gift we give, we increase the value of that gift to the receiver. People appreciate and remember thoughtful little personal touches long after the occasion has passed.

What is begging for embellishment in your home today?

You can do this!

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