Me and My Girls…so precious to me!

(Me and my two princesses, PB and PV Christmas 2007)
I am blessed to have three of the most wonderful kids on the planet! Two daughters and a son in between (and I have two of the most fabulous sons-in-law). I love them all to pieces, and they are all so different from each other ( amazing how God creates each of us to be so unique, isn’t it?). I am very thankful to have great relationships with each of them, those relationships are very precious to me.

I have been especially appreciative, for the last four months, to have had my youngest daughter so close by. She, Princess Veinor (obviously not her real name!) is married to a US Marine, who is at this time overseas. He was deployed for the 2nd time last September, at which time PV moved back up near us. When hubby is “home” they live in NC…9 hours away.

I am so very proud of PV and how well she handles the responsibility/sacrifice of being the wife of a soldier who is so very far away. It is a very long six months apart, especially when you’re young, newly married and so much in love. It is also a difficult transition when you are finally reunited. They both work very hard at doing their best to keep positive thoughts and words between each other in calls and letters…not easy to do when they are each dealing with their own daily stresses.

I’m sure those of you who’ve been in this position can testify to that! Melissa and Barb come to mind!

The last four months I have made the choice to make many of my afternoons available to just “hang out” with PV, putting my work into slow gear in order to be there and enjoy this time with her. Enjoy it we have…I can’t say we’ve done “this” or done “that”…no spectacular plans or events we’ve attended (except for the Nutcracker Ballet that my two Princesses and I attended at Christmas time)…we’ve just mostly hung out, done laundry, gone to the grocery store and talked….I’ve listened, we’ve prayed and laughed, shared meals and dreams and ideas. We’ve had fun shopping for heirlooms at antique co-ops, shopping for special outfits for her to wear when her Prince comes home and dreamed up how she’ll decorate when they have their own place.

I am thankful for this time we’ve had together and sad that it is nearing and end. I am not happy that her Prince has been away and I am sad that soon she’ll be 9 hours away and won’t be hanging out every couple of days with me…happy that she’ll once again be doing those things with her Prince and happy that I’ll be getting back to my work . It is such a contradiction of emotions but mostly happy ones…..I am so happy that they will be reunited and moving forward with their dreams…that is the best thing!

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because, the last few weeks I’ve been reminded how very precious time with your loved ones is. How sometimes when we are busy young moms we aren’t able to give focused alone time to each of our children nearly as much as we’d like or as they may need, we do the best we can….but every now and then a door of opportunity opens and we have the chance to capture a pocket of time with one of them…and if we’re fortunate, we have the freedom to choose to put other things on the back burner and soak up that time together. These days that I’ve had with PV will always remain in my heart and I am so glad to have been able to put things on the back burner and just be there to…hang out!

I know that down the road other opportunities will arise to have these pockets of time with my other Princess and my Prince and I will be happy to put things on the back burner for them as well and someday….waaaaaay down the road…I suppose our roles will reverse and they’ll put things on the back burner to just hang out with me.

Today I urge you to take the time to remind your loved ones of your love and to pray for those here and abroad who are serving our country and for their families who are waiting for them to come home!

Tissue anyone?!

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