Neat…or Messy? Which are you?

Banana bread….don’t you love it?!
It is one of my favorites! The thing about banana bread is…you gotta BAKE it before you can eat it! Now…those who know me know that baking and cooking are not my most favorite things to do….it’s the eating I love! ….between baking and cooking…baking would be my less favorite of the two! Fortunately for me, my Prince loves to bake…and cook!
HOWEVER……every now and then….I do actually BAKE! This morning was one of those (rare) times….while I let my Prince sleep in (he’s had a looooong week) I decided to make my favorite banana bread recipe (click here for recipe) so we could enjoy it with a cup of tea when he got up.
While I was baking I had to giggle several times as I thought about how differently my Prince of 37 years and I approach the baking/cooking process.
Let me explain…..I bet you’ll see some similarities between you and someone else in your life!
My Prince begins by getting everything out ahead of time-while I get each item out as I come to it in the recipe. He also reads the recipe through ahead of time-while I kind of scan it to see what I need to set the oven at.
My Prince follows the recipe to the letter-while I follow it rather closely but make adjustments along the way (less sugar, more cinnamon, etc)
My Prince leaves every messy gooey utensil, bowl, measuring cup/spoon, spill and ingredient out all over the place…and doesn’t worry about spilling sugar and flour on the counter or the floor-while I rinse every utensil, etc., etc. as I use it, am careful to not spill the sugar or the flour on either the floor or the counter, and if I do spill I wipe it up as I go. When I’m done with a particular utensil it goes into the sink with soapy hot water.
When my Prince puts the item in the oven he then has a big mess to clean up (which I usually help with)-when I put the item into the oven I have a few things that have been soaking in the sink to rinse and a quick swipe on the counter to make.
My Prince usually has part of whatever he’s made in one or more places on his clothing (he really should wear an apron!)-while I rarely do (I never wear an apron!).
I giggled as I clearly saw our contrasts….knowing there isn’t a right and a wrong…we’re just wired differently…which is a good thing! I don’t try to change how he bakes and he doesn’t try to change how I bake…(he probably figures it’s not worth the effort since it happens so infrequently)! LOL! We do however tease each other in fun and laugh at how differently we approach the same task!
Any of this sound familiar to you?!
NOW…let me ask you….are you a MESSY baker? or a NEAT baker? PLEASE let me know in your comment!
Remember…when you lave a comment you’ll be entered into the January drawing, too!
Have a beautiful day!

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