No Matter What!


Have you ever said that about anything you’ve decided to do?! I have! I’ve said it to my husband, my children, my friends…….I bet you have, too!

BUT……..have you ever said it to YOURSELF? About your DREAMS??? AHA!!!

I realized one day, a long time ago, that I needed to declare that very same thing over MY DREAMS!

That NO MATTER WHAT I would not settle for anything less than the dreams in my heart!

That NO MATTER WHAT….distractions, disappointments, delays, discouragements, whatever would try to keep me from my dreams…..NO MATTER WHAT..…I would NOT SETTLE, I would NOT GIVE UP & I would NOT ACCEPT any excuse that tried to keep me from living the dreams I imagined!

Has it been easy? NO! Have there been Distractions? YES! Disappointments? YES! Delays? YES! Discouragements? YES! Sometimes I’ve felt like I took 2 steps forward and 5 steps back….sometimes it took me a good long while to gain that momentum again and sometimes I’ve felt like giving up!

BUT……then I remember those 3 words that I declared over my dreams……NO MATTER WHAT!!! Then, I refocus, I pray, I regroup and I make a new plan!

Sooooo….how about you? Are you ready to declare “NO MATTER WHAT!” over YOUR DREAMS?

Today you can change things around by making a quality decision (a non-negotiable decision) that NO MATTER WHAT you will refuse to settle for anything less than those beautiful dreams you have in your heart and long to see become reality in your life!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!

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