Peonies…and Ants and Spiders…Oh My!

My peonies are spectacular this year! They must adore this gloomy rainy weather!
Most years I do not cut my peonies to bring inside….I like to see them blooming outside. This morning however, I let my Prince talk me into clipping some and filling a vase for us to enjoy inside.
I absolutely love peonies, they are such a romantic flower!
 I wish they bloomed all summer long!

Within seconds of bringing my beautiul bouquet into the house……I remembered the other reason why I don’t cut them and bring them inside…..BUGS!!!
I hate BUGS!!!
Sure enough…ants came crawling out…then spiders and then some other unidentified crawly things…microscopic crawly things!
 I was able to kill all but one huge big black ant who made a beeline to the bread box…I now have a rogue ant somewhere in my kitchen…I’ll be looking for him all day!
I also have a very itchy scalp…that’s what happens to me when I see bugs! LOL!

I am sooo not an outdoorsy girl!
But I am enjoying the beautiful aroma and sight of my gorgeous pink and white peonies!
Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!

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