Surrounding Beauty: Yet Another Angelic Reflection…

Happy Monday!
We have a brand new week to celebrate!

As promised, here is the third cherub reflection…..this time the mirror is mounted on the wall.
I love to use mirrors in a room as they reflect not only light but other beautiful objects in the room…so you get double the beauty!

This little cherub seems quite content playing his flute for the little birds below!

I also love to use crystals and pearls and brooches when I put together a vignette…they all add their own piece of beauty, don’t you think? Of course they are not REAL pearls but rather a pearl garland I picked up at TJ Maxx around Christmas time…the brooch is one I’ve had for awhile and is missing a few stones.

And I am sure that by now you have noticed that I love to add florals as well….real, when possible, permanent for a longer lasting beauty.

I love to incorporate pretty and practical pieces into a room such as this vintage dresser which has been transformed from a heavy dark piece to a chic, slightly shabby, light and airy piece. It fits perfectly in the great room and stores my silver trays, my ever growing collection of pretty paper goods along with other little baubles for decorating tables and such! My Prince even has a drawer for his “stuff” in this dresser.
Almost every piece of furniture I put into a room has to have some sort of storage capability…it helps to keep rooms from feeling so cluttered when you have drawers and cabinets to store things in…especially if you’re like me and you like to collect “pretties”! OR…if you have children and want to keep their toys, art supplies, etc. out of sight but easily accessible.

Pretty and Practical…how do you incorporate that into your home?

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