Tablescape Revisited….by request….

A few weeks ago I posted a Christmas Morning Tea tablescape featuring the table in my breakfast room. Several of you asked me to share more about the table…my pleasure!

This table was custom made for me by a very talented craftsman, to my specifications. It was originally designed for my design studio which was housed in 3 rooms of my retail store that I had for 4 1/2 years and had to close 2 1/2 years ago due to an illness (that I am, thankfully, healed of now!). Back to the table…I wanted a table I could use for putting fabric and trim books on to make selections for client projects, the rooms weren’t real big so I decide the table should be round and have a base that would serve as storage for smaller sized fabric books.

Being of the firm belief that pretty and practical go hand in hand, the table had to be pretty as well…my talented craftsman did a beautiful job on the base, which for practical purposes is on hidden casters. My equally talented friend did a beautiful job hand painting the top with a soft floral vine around the outer edge and in the center. She then glazed it with an antiquing glaze and it was finished off with several coats of sealer. It was then attached to the base.
When I had to close my store, I couldn’t bear to let this table go. Knowing that I was planning at some point to move my dining room to the then family room and make the then dining room into a breakfast room (got that?!) I had my Prince store it for me. When I made the room switch it was perfect for the area. It now stores cookbooks on one side, some pretties on the front side, candles on the other side and on the backside facing the love seat, where I sit to read, it houses several books and magazines I’m currently perusing and a box of tissues.

I plan to get a piece of glass to set on the top to extend it out a few inches all around but….haven’t gotten to that yet!

Pretty AND Practical!

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