Tablescape Thursday….Fresh Centerpieces From the Grocery Store….

OK…I’m “cheating” this week…my intentions were good…I DID take pics of another pretty little “por-table-scape” of an afternoon tea for one. However, the pics did not come out very well and having had a very busy weekend and then a quick trip to NC to get Princess V’s housing all set…well, let’s just say I made a quick trip to “plan B”!
I hope you don’t mind…technically I am showing you an essential part of any tablescape…the CENTERPIECE!

These centerpieces are all made from fresh ingredients from the grocery store and arranged in containers I had on hand. I originally did this as a segment for TV (before I started blogging) so they’re not on a table, but rather my counter and the counter on the set.
What’s really neat about these centerpieces is that they are made with seasonal fruits, veggies and flowers and can be customized by you, depending on the time of year and your color scheme.

In this first shot (click on pic to enlarge)…left to right… I have used pink roses from BJ’s with white turnips on a platter; bright green Granny Smith apples (mmmm…one of those would taste good right now) with pink roses in a footed pink bowl; and lemons with yellow roses and berries (I forget what those are called) in a cut glass bowl.

Aren’t they pretty?!
If you look close, in the foreground, you’ll see I tied my napkins up with bright green ribbon and tucked in a rosebud…I love to do this on a dinner table!

This next centerpiece is simply an assortment of fruits arranged in my footed cherub bowl (one of my favorite pieces) with some peonies from my garden tucked in…how much easier could it get?!
This arrangement will add Romantic Elegance to your table, don’t you agree?!

As will this centerpiece, a close up of the lemons and roses…

The next two centerpieces are for a more casual setting…and for those of you who grow your own veggies…practically no-cost to make! The upside here is that you can eat the centerpiece the next day!
This first one is done in a rattan basket, lined with a cloth napkin. I arranged corn, carrots, purple cauliflower, green beans, radishes, red pepper, parsley, brussel-sprouts and some greens with some small sunflower-type flowers and yellow yarrow from my garden.
Again I ask…could it get any easier?!

This last centerpiece was done in a two tiered green wire basket. I don’t have a picture of it totally completed…sorry!
I used kale to line the baskets and then I just filled in the bottom basket with yellow squash, purple cabbage, yellow and orange peppers and a few radishes and greens. In the top basket, I placed a plastic container that I had “covered” with asparagus (you just cut the asparagus to the height you want to cover the container, put a heavy duty rubber band around the container and tuck the spears under it, going around the container until it’s covered). After putting some water in the container, I added Gerbera daisies and some of those yellow mini sunflowers. Then I filled in just a little around the container with some more kale, radishes and a few flowers. I think I may have added a few beets in this basket somewhere, too.
I wish I had a pic of it completed…it was stunning!

I DO hope you’ve been inspired to take a fresh look the next time you go through the produce department in your grocery store…and to think outside the box to come up with your own version of a “Grocery Store Centerpiece”!
Thank you so much for visiting…I do so enjoy our time together!

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Have fun!!!
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