The Process of Patience

WOW! Today’s weather is AMAZING! It’s over 70 degrees out there! For early March in Central PA that is a HEAT WAVE! The next couple of days are supposed to be over 75!!! I’m not complaining, mind you! The birds, the bees, and the flowers are all responding to this beautiful weather……along with the kids & dogs in the neighborhood…….they are all just loving it!

This weather reminds me of Patience……and Dreams.

Through the winter we practice patience as we wait for the first signs of Spring….some of us are more patient than others! We understand that there is a process between winter leaving and evidence of spring arriving. Here in PA, the snow of winter needs to melt, the temps needs to warm up and the sun needs to wake up the grass, flowers & trees…’s a process. Then we begin to see the fruit of that process…..the buds, the baby birds, the grass getting greener, the leaves popping out on the trees……it doesn’t happen overnight, yet it all seems so magical once we see the evidence. The evidence of spring helps us forget about the harshness of winter!

That is how it works when we are pursuing our DREAMS! There is a process and we must practice patience as we walk through the process – the steps- the incubation periods……the growing cycle!  Seeing the EVIDENCE of our DREAMS, FINALLY…..helps us forget the long, sometimes difficult process of getting there!

Whatever your dreams are, remember there is always a process…..and if you are patient and persistent you will eventually enjoy the FRUIT of your efforts!

What is that dream you need to breathe new life into now that SPRING is here?!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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