Vision + Focus + Organization + Reward = Freedom!

When doing things like organizing…I need HELP! I wish I could just have someone come and do it all for me but….that just isn’t possible for me! It isn’t just the cost, or the uneasy feeling of having someone else go through all my “stuff”, but the fact that I feel the need to decide for myself where items will go…what will be kept and what won’t. Sometimes I am
very good at that process…other times…not so much!
A few things that help me stay focused and on track are…..

1) Finding inspiration pictures…like the home office from yesterday’s post and the ones I have posted here today…a girl can dream, right?!
But even more important is creating a vision in my mind of what my actual space will look like when it is finished. How it will feel and how I will feel about it!
Taking a little time to imagine that and get it firmly planted in my mind is a huge help to me.
You’ve gotta have a vision!
2) Breaking down the BIG job into smaller more manageable tasks…tasks that can be done in 20, 30 and 60 minute time frames.
You can eat an elephant one bite at a time!
3) Prioritize the list of individual tasks….I like to pick a couple tasks that will make the biggest impact on the space and do those first. Then I list out the rest in order of either importance to me or the importance of functionality to the space.
These last two steps help me to stay focused!
4) I set a timer for the amount of time I have or that the task I’m doing requires. This helps me feel like there is an end in sight and it also helps me not to get sidetracked on other things.
Before I know it, I have organized two or three areas.
Work expands to fit the time allowed!
5) I then reward myself with something.  Sometimes it is a cup of tea and a few minutes of quiet enjoying a favorite magazine, or reading the next few chapters of my book, or watching Perry Mason or Murder, She Wrote….it varies according to the day and amount of time I have. The point is, I know that there is a reward for doing a task that is not on my Top 10 Favorite Things To Do list!
Who doesn’t feel more motivated when they know there is a reward waiting for them?!
6) Enjoy the freedom! When your spaces are organized and you know where everything is, there is no clutter to trip you up and your space looks aesthetically pleasing….there is a freedom in the mind and spirit that is hard to describe….but it is most definitely there! 
You will feel great in that space, you will be more productive and happier in that space….yet even  more rewards to look forward to! 
Does this help you to envision yourself organizing those spaces you’ve been dreading? I hope so!

Here are a couple of links for you to check out for some great ideas…

Please continue to share your top organization tips in the comments….let’s learn from each other!
If you have a project you’ve completed I’d love to share it here….just let me know in the comment section!

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