What DREAMS Have You Forgotten?

Let me ask you a question….

What DREAMS have you forgotten?

We all have them….those dreams that for one reason or another we’ve laid aside, forgotten about, dismissed as impossible or diminished because someone thought they were silly….or because we were afraid….Afraid our dreams were TOO BIG…..or that they wouldn’t happen…or that they WOULD happen…..there are so many reasons we set our dreams aside!

BUT……my passion, my calling in life is to help YOU remember those DREAMS and to help you BREATHE NEW LIFE into them so that you can LIVE that beautiful life you one day IMAGINED!

Today I want you to take a few moments to DREAM, IMAGINE and THINK…..remember the dreams you once had….or the dreams that you are dreaming now…..

DREAM! IMAGINE! THINK! and then WRITE them down, in detail, big, bold, colorful detail….and SAY them out LOUD…..picture them as if they were already happening! Then write down how that feels…..and keep going back to it each day until you can REALLY SEE your dreams becoming your REALITY!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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