While You’re At It…..

While you’re in DC enjoying the experience of the cherry blossoms, why not allow a few hours of time to visit one of the many museums offering exhibits of breathtaking art masterpieces.

I know sometimes it’s hard to justify a day to “just” take in beauty, in my experience, however, it is that very thing that helps me to be more productive and creative. Taking in beautiful images and creations is renewing, soothing, inspiring and motivating. It causes us to look at ordinary things, including daily life, in a different light….a softer, rosier light, and that is a good thing!

Appreciating the beauty of the creations of incredibly gifted artists helps me to be more aware of the possibilities that lie ahead for me, for others, for this world. The talents and gifts that people are given and then decide to share with the world are signs, to me, that there are hidden treasures in each one of us. We all possess unlimited potential, talent and success. Some discover that it is possible to develop those gifts and share them….others seem to have difficulty realizing that they are capable of such things. Why? there are many reasons….the real question is… What? can we do about it? there are many answers to that but I believe we can start by exposing ourselves to beauty and then, in turn, create beauty in our own lives. This could then allow us to encourage others to do the same thing…beginning a chain reaction that has unlimited possibilities.
Two museums you may want to check out…..



Can you imagine how wonderful your week will be after taking time out to take in some beauty this weekend…and what possibilities you’ll realize in creating your own beauty, in your own way, in your own world!

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