You Can Do This Even When It’s Scary!

Life is full of changes & transitions…..and let’s face it, they aren’t always easy! In fact, I have found that change & transition can be downright scary!

However…they are absolutely necessary if you want to grow & pursue & live your dreams!

I have also found, while going through the many, many, many changes & transitions I’ve gone through in my life so far, that some of the scariest changes & transitions were the ones that yielded the BEST results in my life & the lives of those around me! Some of the hardest changes & transitions for me to make allowed me to see that God has placed so much more inside of me than I realized!

Another thing I’ve found is that the things I feared never happened… fact wonderful things I never expected happened instead!

I’ve learned that if I EXPECT the best, back that up with my WORDS & PRAYERS, then TRUST God to guide me, comfort me & give me His wisdom for working through the changes & transitions, because He has a wonderful plan for me, then my fears are calmed and AMAZING things begin to happen….even when I couldn’t see how that could possibly happen!

When you take your eyes OFF of the situation and put your ON God & His Word……


Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis


Kathleen Ellis

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