Kathleen’s Super Easy & Yummie Veggie Rice

As I mentioned in a previous post,  How I Lost Over 35 Pounds, It’s Not What You Think, I have had to drastically change my eating habits due to my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease. At first, I was quite overwhelmed because I already ate much healthier than most people and through further testing, I found out that some of the very healthy foods I loved and was eating regularly, I could no longer have, at least temporarily, because I had food sensitivities to them. 

I am NOT the “Adventurous Chef” type…..which is why my Prince used to do a lot of the cooking…..notice I said “used to”! BUT…..since there is a limited number of foods I can eat right now, I’ve had to take the reins and begin experimenting a bit.

The results?! Well, in the words of my Prince, “We are eating some fantastic meals….better than we’ve ever eaten!” Since I am the one preparing these “Fantastic Meals”, let me assure you….they are VERY SIMPLE!!! BUT…they are also VERY TASTY!

I recently posted my healthy lunch on Facebook, Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design and had a few requests for the Super Simple & Yummie Rice side dish, the rice my Prince asks for at almost every meal because he likes it sooooo much! Really!

So…here it is! Keep in mind I don’t really do recipes so much…I’m a Creative and that sure spills over into the kitchen, so it’s typically a bit of this & a bit of that til it tastes how I want it to…..so, you’ve got some creative license with this! Be sure to read through the whole recipe before you begin!

You can add some of your favorites to flavor it up to suit you & your family! I would add garlic & onion to this recipe but my tummy is not too fond of those two right now, so I fake it with some organic garlic salt and a fresh ground peppercorn blend!

“Kathleen’s Super Easy & Yummie Rice Recipe”

Make up a batch of Basmati Rice according to the directions on the package. I usually make the amount for 4-6 servings so we (just the 2 of us) get a few servings and can enjoy leftovers! My favorite brand is Lundberg California White Basmati Rice. (I use 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken broth and add organic coconut oil for the “butter”)

While the rice is cooking, I fry up 3-5 pieces of organic thick sliced bacon that have been chopped up, in my cast iron skillet.

Once the bacon is almost browned up I add about 3 TBS. organic coconut oil and 2 shredded carrots, 1 small zucchini, shredded and one small yellow squash, shredded (all are coarsely shredded). I let this all saute in the pan over medium heat, stirring frequently, I then add organic garlic sea salt & fresh ground mixed peppercorns to taste. Once the veggies are softened up-about 5 minutes or so, I stir in the cooked Basmati rice…if necessary I add a bit of chicken broth to moisten things up, this isn’t always necessary, I think it depends on how much bacon grease there is! This all takes about 15 minutes from start to finish! QUICK!

Once all the ingredients are mixed together…..it’s ready to eat!

Again….this would be even better with some fresh minced garlic and sweet onions…..and I like to chop up baby kale or spinach and add it in, too!



There’s plenty of room for your own creativity… like adding pan-seared scallops!!! Have fun & ENJOY!!!


Let me know, in the comments below or on Facebook, what YOUR version of this yummie dish is!

Blessings & Beauty to you~

xoxo~ Kathleen 

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