Three Necessary Ingredients!

Have you ever felt intimidated to learn something new? I sure have!

Usually what is most intimidating to me is anything technology related! “At my age”…..I didn’t grow up learning how to use technology, BUT….if someone is willing to teach me (usually it’s someone younger than me!) then I am willing to learn! And I have learned! Just a few years ago I learned how to blog and use Facebook and other social media platforms.

It took me awhile to get the hang of it and I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination….and I still have a LOT to learn – there is always something new in technology land – but the most important thing is that I am WILLING to learn!

I believe that there are Three Necessary Ingredients we must possess/develop in order to LEARN or TEACH! I also believe you are NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to TEACH or to LEARN when these ingredients are present!

The Three Necessary Ingredients are….

1) A POSITIVE Mindset! You must BELIEVE that you can learn/teach! If you think you can, you can…If you think you can’t, you’re right! Simple as that!

2) A TEACHABLE Spirit! If you are not WILLING to learn, then no one can help you!

3) A HEART of Service! In order to teach you must be willing to SERVE those you are teaching! No one wants to learn from a “know it all” with an attitude!

Today, I want you to think about one thing you have been wanting to LEARN and find someone to TEACH you how to do it! AND…..think about one thing you know that you could TEACH someone and find someone to teach it to!

If you are not learning….you are not growing! If you are not teaching……you will die with your gifts unwrapped, unopened and unappreciated!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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