Your Direction, Fuel & Vision

Did you know that YOU are the one in charge of the DIRECTION your life goes?! It’s true, while it may be easier to make excuses or place blame elsewhere..…when it comes right down to it…..we are the ones who direct the way our lives go!

The SINGLE most powerful tool you & I have to direct our lives in the way we desire is our WORDS!

WORDS! Yes, OUR WORDS!!! You see, your brain believes what it hears you say out loud from your mouth! YOU program your brain! And when you say the same thing over & over your subconscious begins to look for & expect those things. Your WORDS are spiritual power and they will bring life or death to your future.

Proverbs says that “Death and Life are in the power of your tongue!”

WOW!!! Pretty powerful stuff, huh?! Take a moment and digest it! Then think about the WORDS you are using each & every day about your life and your future……Do they LINE UP with the DREAMS you have? With the VISION you have for your here & now and for your FUTURE?

If they DO..…that’s WONDERFUL! Keep speaking them! If they DON’T…….START NOW replacing them with WORDS that DO LINE UP with your dreams…..and start speaking them…OUT LOUD……A LOT!!!

I know this works because I put it into practice in my life EVERY DAY!!! Some things take awhile to work out & work through…..but KEEP AT IT and I know you will see AMAZING results!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis


Kathleen Ellis

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