Inner Beauty Workings~ Facets of Graciousness part one….


I wrote the following article for my January newsletter. I am sharing it here as well because, based on the feedback I’ve received, it is a topic of great interest. My intention is to select a
“Facet of Graciousness”
each month and share it with you along with some practical ways you can implement that facet into your everyday life and inspire those in your sphere of influence to do the same. As women we have a most unique position of influence and authority that we must not underestimate and which we can use to make our world a more beautiful place to live in.

In the last few months I have heard some sad stories of examples of a lack of graciousness being practiced in everyday situations. I’m quite certain that this isn’t intentional but that it is instead due to a lack of awareness on our part and a distraction with the busyness of our day to day activities. After much contemplation I have decided to devote time this year to delve into the topic of graciousness and determine easy and practical ways we can put graciousness into practice in our day to day lives. Each month I will share a facet of graciousness along with ways to implement graciousness as a way of life. I believe as we choose to live graciously each day we will discover a new facet of beauty that will complement our Totally Beautiful Lives.

Let’s begin with the definition of Graciousness…..having or showing kindness, courtesy, charm, compassion, forgiveness, love, charity, politeness, goodwill, mercy and tenderness.

Wow! That sure gives us a lot to work with, doesn’t it?!
Please join me in developing a lifestyle of Graciousness.

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