What It Takes to Overcome

Do you ever feel like you are being overcome by the situations that press in on you from day to day? You know….LIFE!!!

I DO! Sometimes life just feels so overwhelming, doesn’t it?!




Today, I’d like to share with you 3 things that I have personally found most helpful in OVERCOMING any situation….

Whether that situation is related to your health, finances, relationships, business, family….. It doesn’t matter…. these 3 things, ACTIVATED, are what it takes to OVERCOME!

The results may not be instantaneous….. but when you are willing to patiently stand in FAITH, BELIEVING, the results WILL COME!

The 1st step is to watch your WORDS! Speak what you want the desired outcome to be….NOT what it is now! You might think that would be lying but it’s not…..it’s DECLARING what you want the outcome to be! God’s Word says that we should “Call those things that BE NOT as though THEY ARE!” (Romans 4:17) Our WORDS are life or death to that which we speak them over…..so be careful to SPEAK LIFE!

The 2nd step is to have FAITH! Speak those words with FAITH, See that vision with FAITH, Take those steps of action in FAITH! God’s Word says that “If you can BELIEVE (have FAITH), ALL things are possible!” (Mark 9:23) Faith is simply BELIEVING in what we do not see…. YET!

The 3rd step is to take ACTION! It isn’t enough to speak the right words and to have faith, in order for anything to happen you must TAKE ACTION! STEP OUT IN FAITH! God’s Word says, “…Faith by itself, if not accompanied by ACTION, is dead!” (James 2:17)

I have found time and time again, when I apply these 3 steps to any given situation that, rather than being overcome, I become the OVERCOMER! It Never Fails!


What is it in your life today that you need to apply these 3 steps to? See yourself as the OVERCOMER, put these steps into place and you will change your outcome!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


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