What Would You Do?

Last week, in my newsletter, Total Beauty Living,  I presented a scenario and posed the question
 “What Would YOU Do?”
I’m sharing that  here because I want to hear what you have to say about this all too common real life scenario that I am certain many of you have encountered!
My passion for re-establishing Gracious Living includes YOU! Together we can make a profound difference…in our own lives and the lives of those who fall in our circle of influence!
Please share your thoughts on
“What YOU Would Do”
When we are armed with awareness and Gracious Solutions we can truly change the quality of our day to day lives and we can teach others to do the same!
Please share!
Inner Beauty ~Facets of Graciousness

~ Kindness~ the first facet of graciousness

~Courtesy~ the second facet of graciousness

We’ve been talking about Facets of Graciousness and how to incorporate them into our daily lives in order to make this world a more beautiful and civilized place to live.

In the spirit of a popular new show, “What Would You Do?”, I’d like to present a scenario to you and ask you, “What would you do?”to demonstrate Kindness and another Facet of Graciousness….Courtesy.

Scene: (based on real situations that have been experienced by myself and several women I know) A women’s luncheon hosted by a networking group you’ve recently joined or perhaps by the women’s group at a church you’ve just begun attending.

You arrive alone, not knowing anyone but you are excited about the opportunity to meet some new people. You put on your friendliest face and biggest smile.

You receive a cool greeting at the registration table with no instructions as to where you are to be seated. You wander in to the large room all set up for lunch and take a seat at one of the round tables, noticing there are no placecards indicating assigned seating. A woman sits down on either side of you and you smile, say hello and introduce yourself. These two women then carry on a conversation with each other about people & situations you have no knowledge of, talking around you and pretty much ignoring you.

What would you do…if you were the woman attending this event for the first time?

What would you do…if you were the woman at the registration table, to make every guest feel welcome and valued?

What would you do…if you were one of the women who sat down next to the new woman (obviously there by herself) to make her feel welcome, comfortable and part of the group?

Please share: I would love for you to share your thoughts on how you would act with Graciousness, Kindness &  Courtesy in this situation. 

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