Tea with Kathleen Series Four: Let Go and Move On – 5 Steps You Can Take to Help You Move Forward


It is not fun being stuck in the past! In fact, it will keep you from becoming all you were created to be and living the life of your dreams!

Whether it’s hurt, disappointment, perceived failure, broken relationships, or simply time for you to move from “good” to “better” to “best”, learning to let go and move forward is the only way to live the life you dream of!

While it might feel good for a time to wallow in what’s happened to you, it is not a healthy place to remain and will steal from you the joy of achieving your dreams.

Moving on isn’t always easy but it is always necessary. Let’s look at 5 Steps You Can Take to Help You Move Forward 

  1. DECIDE – YOU make the decision to move on! YOU are the one in control of your life! Do not let someone else have that privilege. Realize that change is part of life and when things don’t work out, there’s a reason. I’ve learned to trust that God rearranges things in my life because He has a better plan, provision, or solution and that always proves true! So make a decision today that YOU are moving on. You can’t change your past but you can create your future. You DECIDE! Decide to live in the present while focusing on your future.
  2. FORGIVE – Forgive them, Forgive yourself, extend grace where needed. Unforgiveness causes bitterness and is negative energy that keeps YOU stuck. It will eat at you from the inside out, it’s like you eating poison and expecting it to kill someone else. Some people mistakenly think that when you forgive someone for something they’ve wrongly done to you, that you are then condoning that act, which is not true. Forgiving someone simply means you have made a decision to not hold onto that negative force. Choosing to forgive frees YOU! No one ever wins the “Blame Game”.
  3. SEE IT & SAY IT – SEE IT, get focused on your dreams/goals, redefine your vision. Stop rehearsing the past and Start envisioning your future! The rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason. SAY IT, Stop talking about it and START speaking LIFE into your future. Words are a powerful spiritual force, use them to shape your future and create the life you dream of. (I share an entire module on “The Power of Your Words” in my new course, coming SOON!)
  4. ACTIVATE FAITH OVER FEAR – Faith is expecting the BEST (positive), Fear is expecting the WORST (negative). Strip fear of it’s power by Identifying what the fear is, Deactivating fear by declaring what is truth, Overcome fear by seeing & saying what you want. YOU control your thoughts and words and those thoughts and words create your future! (I share “20 Ways to Banish Fear” in my new course, coming SOON!)
  5. ACTION – It’s ok to take time to regroup and recover, but don’t take too long. Inactivity can make it more difficult to move forward. Determine what your next step or two is and take action, each step brings you closer to your dreams/goals and further from your disappointments.

Have you made your decision to move forward? Where are you going? What’s your vision? What’s your next step?

You are worth everything you’re dreaming of! I believe in YOU and I believe in your DREAMS!


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