Sunday Brunch on the Deck…easy & elegant…and a "thank you" bouquet….


A sunny Sunday morning (about 11:00), 76 degrees, birds singing, flowers in bloom, their soft fragrance wafting through the air….a deck with a cozy table for two….the perfect set up for a romantic Sunday brunch for two. Which is exactly what Prince Charming and I enjoyed this past Sunday!

Now, our deck is something you’ll see a lot of in my summertime tablescape posts…kind of like Susan’s porch…y’all know Susan, our most gracious Tablescape Thursday hostess. You’ll have to be sure to remember to swing by her place Between Naps on the Porch a little later and visit with the rest of the super sweet Tablescape Thursday Divas!
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Here’s the scene….it was such a gorgeous morning and we had such a fabulous day…this was just the beginning!
Notice the vase of beautiful flowers…how could you not! They were a thank you gift from Shawn over at European Antique Market. I featured an interview I did with Shawn in my last newsletter (you can sign up for the next one at the top right of this page, if you haven’t already)…it was really fabulous! She has such a passion for her business and the beautiful pieces she finds…well, they are just breathtaking! Please stop by and visit her beautiful blog.
OK…back to the story….
I have been making this really yummie breakfast salad (it is almost the same as the salad in the previous TT post)…I mean it is really yummie! I know, you’re all thinking, “a salad for breakfast???” Yes! I wouldn’t have believed it myself…but, you see, this fall I will be celebrating a very significant birthday…with a big fat “0” and it’s not my 30th or even my 40th…get my drift?
Well…I decided a few months ago that I want to be fit and healthy as I celebrate this birthday(not Cindy Crawford fit…more like Suzanne Somers fit). This is a big deal for me as I have spent the better part of the last 20 years or so in a very unhealthy state. Some “mysterious” illness plagued me for years. Finally a few years back we figured out what was causing all my problems and I was able to find the right doctors and health practitioners to get me to a healthy state.
So…as I celebrate this significant birthday, I am also celebrating a whole new chapter of my life, a healthy chapter!
Ok…sorry…I’ll try to stay off the rabbit trails! so…this breakfast salad (even the Prince is eating it now AND he likes it!)
I start with organic baby spinach and add fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and mandarin oranges or peaches. I drizzle a little of the juice from the oranges (or peaches) over it and top with coconut…EASY!!! and soooo good. I need protein in the morning so I add a generous serving of cottage cheese on the side. For a treat some mornings I lightly grill half a croissant (from Costco or BJ’s) and put a dab of Smucker’s Simply Fruit strawberry jam on it. Add to that a hot mug of breakfast tea and I am a very happy camper! I actually get up craving this breakfast…is that amazing or what?!
As far as the tablesetting…it was real last minute and easy, easy….one of my favorite April Cornell table cloths, my all time favorite yellow and pink floral napkins, the 2 adorable Limoge plates I found at an antique mall, absolutely adorable plastic pink daisy bread plates I found at Wegman’s grocery store (I’ll feature these in a future TT so you can see how cute they are), my everyday flatware Wallace “Antique Baroque” and…our tea mugs…mine, the larger one, was less than a dollar at another local grocery store…I got 6 of them…they are perfect for my morning tea! his…smaller, from a dinnerware set by Gibson…perfect for his morning cup of tea.

Thanks so much for stopping by…I always enjoy your visit…I appreciate your comments and I’ll stop by to see you as soon as I can!

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