What’s on Your Walls?

WOW! it’s Wednesday…already!
Barb, over at Grits & Glamour has asked us…What’s on Your Walls???
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I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had a hard time making time for blogging, which I typically do in the evening, since all this beautiful summery weather has shown up…anyone else dealing with this? I’m thinking I need to get a a bit earlier and see if I can think clearly enough at such an early hour to put out a cohesive blog post or two! Anyone have any other suggestions?

Ok…now to the topic…
As many of you know by now, I LOVE flowers..I LOVE them!
I have 2 perennial gardens, many permanent arrangements in my home, floral fabrics and wallpapers and artwork with flowers. I almost always have fresh flowers in the house somewhere…even my perfume is floral!

Here is one of my absolute favorite pieces of art….
(click to enlarge)

This hangs at the landing at the bottom of my stairs. I placed it there so that every time I go up or come down the stairs (which is MANY times a day) I can gaze at this colorful print and dream of the day I live in a place that has a similar look and feel.
My son, just the other day, said to me while he was looking at this picture, “I always pictured you living someplace like here.” I asked why/what he meant…he said that all the flowers and the white picket fence and the older home with the window box is just me! Interesting, huh? and we think guys don’t pick up on these things!

This piece is titled “Midsummer’s Glory” by Karen Larsen Turner

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