Which One Are You Pursuing?

Which one are you pursuing? EXCELLENCE or PERFECTION? One is always possible, the other is never possible!

There is ALWAYS room to improve and bring yourself up to a higher level of EXCELLENCE in every area of life. Pursuing & Developing EXCELLENCE in your spirit, attitude, habits, work ethic, words, thoughts and actions will bring about SUCCESS. People who operate in EXCELLENCE are happier, promoted more often and are more successful than those who are satisfied to remain the same, never striving to do better or be better.

We are created to GROW, not to REMAIN. Think about some of the happiest, most satisfied people you know……. most likely they are the people who are growing, who are pursuing the next level of EXCELLENCE for their particular situation.

PERFECTION, on the other hand, is NEVER ATTAINABLE! Pursuing PERFECTION leads to frustration. PERFECTION is more about striving to be better than someone else, rather than seeking to improve yourself in order to live an EXCELLENT life.

Sooo….. Which one are you pursuing? Are there some areas where you need to stop practicing perfection and instead pursue EXCELLENCE?

For most of us, myself included, this is an ongoing process…..and that’s OK….it means we are GROWING!


Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen EllisInner Beauty

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