A Life of Surrender & Trust with Kayla Spradley

Join me and my delightful guest, Kayla Spradley, as we chat about Trusting and Abiding in God while traveling with your band and homeschooling your children. What do they trust God for? Everything!  They spend many hours on the road, driving & staying in host homes. It’s not a life most people plan but they have left the planning up to God!  Kayla’s sweet, grateful spirit is refreshing and inspiring! Tune in today for a dose of faith and inspiration!  Kayla says, “Faith is the only thing that keeps me centered. I would get ahead of myself if I weren’t trusting in my supernatural Guide.”




Do you have a dream that’s been put on hold… or delayed so many times you can hardly remember what it is?  Have you ever been bombarded with overwhelm, fear, indecision, and unbelief?  Have you ever wished for a friend to guide you, teach you and even challenge you, to not settle, to become all you were created to be?!  If you answered yes!!! To any of these questions then you are in the right place!  I’m here to teach you the skills and mindset that have empowered me to create the beautiful life I dreamed of, in spite of how I began, in spite of major setbacks, so that you, too, can be empowered to revive your dreams! Join me on this journey and I will show you how to create the beautiful life you dream of!


What Listeners Are Saying


“What the world needs!  This podcast is so timely and the host’s message is just what the world needs right now. So many of us have dreams that we’ve let languish and need a boost to bring them to life. Well done!”


“Great content! The episodes about not being a victim and [having] confidence are amazing! Great job and I will be coming back to listen to them over and over.”


“I have had the privilege to be in the audience at one of Kathleen’s events over 10 years ago. I was so moved to action that just a few years later I had achieved much success in my business. I continue to follow Kathleen on social media for years! Both our paths took different ways from 10 years ago. I was so thrilled to hear she was doing a podcast!”



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Remember… I believe in YOU & I believe in YOUR dreams!


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