When You Outgrow Your Dreams – Podcast Interview with Kamie Lehmann

What IF you outgrow your dreams? How do you free yourself from the person you imagined you’d become?

I got to sit down and chat with my friend, top-ranking podcast host, and coach, Kamie Lehmann, we discussed why it is SO IMPORTANT to push through difficulties and challenges to achieve your goals, and why it’s really okay to outgrow life you thought you wanted!

“As painful as the obstacles can be on the way to your dream, you can never lose out unless you give up.  I would say one big thing about dreaming and reaching that level of your dream life or where your dream success would be, is that nobody remembers the gal who gave up!
The only way that you’ll not reach your dream is if you give up and that’s the only thing that’s in your control. I would encourage you to continue to keep plowing through those obstacles!
I have been through some painful things in my journey, but every time I look back (it doesn’t feel like this when you go through it,) I am actually grateful for the obstacles because I realized later that when you reach that success or that level of your dream life, that if it weren’t for those obstacles, you would have never gotten there and you SURELY wouldn’t have been prepared to be there!”



Kamie Lehmann has been a Coach, Top Leader, Visionary, Strategist, and Trainer in Direct Sales for over 28 years. Kamie left her job in Corporate America 27 years ago to be a work-from-home Mom. This is where her entrepreneurship journey began.  On March 2, 2020, Kamie launched a Top-Rated Podcast on iTunes called She’s INVINCIBLE which ranked at an all-time high of #42 in the Business/Entrepreneurship Category. She has since helped many others launch their own Top Podcasts. She is passionate about helping women discover their greatness, increase their worth and expand their vision.

Kamie is the owner of Kamie Lehmann Coaching and Consulting. She recently launched the Be INVINCIBLE Podcast School in January 2022 where she teaches others how to launch their own top podcasts too!


Our AMAZING conversation covered:
  • Remembering that YOU and YOUR DREAMS will transform, evolve, and change over time, and
  • “Your big dreams need to have lots of obstacles, otherwise they’re not big enough.”
  • Why it is okay to outgrow your dreams and to replace them with  “NEW” ones!
  • When dreams change: Let go and move on!
  • Why you should never compare your life journey with someone else’s?
  • And much more!


REMEMBER!  I believe in YOU and I believe in YOUR DREAMS!

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