7 Tips for Creating an Al Fresco Atmosphere

One of my MOST FAVORITE things to do in the summer is to eat outside on our deck. It is very private back there, surrounded by trees and backing up to a field with no houses behind us. Each year we place multiple planters of bright cheery geraniums, petunias and verbena all around on the deck, so there are plenty of colorful blooms to enjoy. Because of the trees, birds serenade us whenever we are out there, adding to the peaceful beauty! A big bonus is that our deck is about 5 feet up off the ground so we don’t usually have many bugs bothering us! I especially like that part! All of these elements come together to help create a very inviting al fresco atmosphere!

We eat out there as often as we can, weather permitting (translated: not too hot, not too cold, not too humid, etc.) On the weekends we love to enjoy a lazy breakfast on the deck before the sun covers the whole thing. In the evening, we love to enjoy a late dinner out there, after the sun has gone down behind the trees!

You know how I love to set a pretty table…..however, I really like to keep it simple for our deck dining. I have a drawer that I keep some pretty vintage tablecloths in and another drawer with some candles we use outside. I can quickly grab these “outdoor” table items and have the table set in no time!

It’s so easy to create a lovely table and atmosphere for dining “Al Fresco” with just a few simple steps!

1) Cover your table with a pretty cloth or piece of fabric…think bright splashy colors, nautical or soothing pastels, vintage linens

2) Incorporate some summer elements….seashells, summer blooms, dragonfly or butterfly themed items or nautical pieces

3) Include candles…they help to keep the bugs at bay

4) Invest in some “summery” dishes and cloth napkins that are specifically for your summertime “Al Fresco” meals

5) Have a CD player nearby so you can pop in a suitable CD….my faves, Harry Connick, Jr. if it’s a romantic dinner for two or maybe The Beach Boys for a fun lighthearted summertime gathering with a few friends

6) Think about the surrounding area…set out potted flowers or plants, string up some little lights to sparkle the night away, use cushions on your chairs so they are comfy enough to sit and chat awhile

7) KISS…Keep It Simple Sweetie….don’t complicate your life, keep summertime “Al Fresco” dining simple and keep supplies easily accessible, then you will do it more often!

Enjoy the day to day moments and memories you create … for those are what life is made up of!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


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