Tea with Kathleen Series One: The Gift of YOU! You Are A Diamond in the Rough!

Did you know that YOU are a GIFT! Yes, YOU! You are a Diamond in the Rough! A Beautiful Sparkling Gem!


God made you unique and wonderful and He placed gifts and talents inside of you that only YOU have!

Well, others may have some of the same gifts and talents you do, but YOU will demonstrate and activate them differently than anyone else!

While God has placed gifts and talents inside of you, it doesn’t mean they just show up all fully developed. It is YOUR responsibility to develop and hone those gifts and talents so that they can not only bless you but so that they can be used to bless others as well!

“For a dream comes with much WORK….” Ecclesiastes 5:3

How Do You Discover Your Gifts & Talents?
  • What are the things you have a natural tendency to excel at?
  • What is something that when you do it you lose track of time?
  • What is it that you dream about doing?

These are all clues to the gifts & talents that you have to develop! If you’re having trouble identifying them, ask a trusted friend who you know cares about you, to give you their thoughts on what they think your gifts & talents are. Sometimes something comes so naturally to us that we have trouble seeing it as a gift or talent!

Once you recognize what they are then you can focus on developing them and asking God for wisdom on how to use them to bless yourself and others! Remember to give yourself plenty of GRACE in this development process, it takes TIME to build a masterpiece or to create a precious diamond!

Also, DO NOT COMPARE yourself, your gifts or your talents with anyone else’s! God made YOU UNIQUE, embrace that and realize that YOU do YOU better than you will do anyone else!

Here are 5 things I do to accomplish my dreams and in the process develop my gifts & talents, I believe these will help you as well!

The 5 S’s Necessary to See Success in Accomplishing Your DREAMS
  1. SELF talk  ~  spend time every single day speaking positive declarations over yourself, developing the mindset to achieve your DREAMS!
  2. STEP out  ~  of your comfort zone EVERY SINGLE DAY! Your comfort zone is a deathbed for your DREAMS!
  3. SEEK  ~  to develop, refine & perfect your unique gifts & talents, Seek EXCELLENCE not perfection!
  4. SHOW up  ~  every day, consistency & diligence are essential on the pathway to your DREAMS!
  5. SHARE  ~  release your gifts & talents into the world and bless others! Don’t wait until they are fully developed, the process of sharing them will speed up the polishing process of your DREAMS!

Never forget, you are uniquely and wonderfully made, there’s only ONE of YOU! There are people waiting for YOU to show up with your gifts & talents and to SHINE in this world! As you begin developing, learning & releasing your gifts & talents they will begin to Sparkle & Shine like beautiful, valuable and rare diamonds! Your gifts & talents are part of making your DREAMS your reality! (I share more about “The Gift of YOU” in my new course, coming SOON!)

SHINE, my friend, SHINE!


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